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Affordable Wildlife Eviction

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Our company is Affordable Wildlife Eviction and we operate a professional wildlife removal company based out of Columbus, Georgia. Examples of common jobs that we do include the removal of squirrels in attics, complete rat removal and prevention, removal of bats from buildings, bird prevention, raccoon trapping, snake removal, and more. We remove dead animals from homes, repair wildlife damage, and clean up wildlife waste and attics.

Affordable Wildlife Eviction is licensed and insured in the state of Georgia. We service both residential and commercial projects throughout Columbus. Give us a call any time at 706-780-5427 and we will listen to you describe your wildlife problem, and schedule an appointment to solve your animal problem.

We primarily service the greater Columbus area, but will travel further for many types of jobs. At AFFORDABLE WILDLIFE EVICTION we provide professional wildlife control to both residential and commercial clients when nuisance wildlife becomes an issue. Owner Brandon works hard to completely eliminate any critter problem you have, using humane trapping and relocation. When your critters are taken from the premises, we guarantee you will never see them again! We are a full-service company, performing animal damage repairs, exclusions, and prevention, as well as attic cleanup, and more.

Critter Tip: Mothballs for rats - Mothballs have been a favorite first step in pest control for years. When it comes to rats, who are intelligent and resourceful, mothballs will be a complete waste of time and money. Rats live for scavenging off human waste. Mothballs—or any other odorous material—will not prevent rats nor encourage them to relocate if they are already present. The little, white balls that remind us all of our grandmother’s closet are more sinister than we may realize. A known carcinogen, mothballs are a neurotoxin and should be kept far away from children and household pets. Ingestion can cause serious health issues and even death. If you use enough mothballs, you can create serious respiratory issues for yourself and others living within your home. Rats are mobile enough to escape any vapors given off by offensive chemicals, and the space these rodents occupy is often too large for a handful of mothballs to permeate. In studies rats and other pests have been proven to disregard walls of mothballs, walking right over them, burying them, or pushing them out of the way. If you are having an issue with rats and are concerned with health issues and property damage, the only effective means of control is trapping and removal.

Columbus GA Animal Control News: The armadillo pest control time period has begun in Columbus, GA. Here, where there is a very healthy armadillo population, success rate will be fairly high. However, if you did not get your armadillo on the opening few days, you might want to consider alternate solving conflicts between people and problem wildlife by hiring a pro. The first three or four days of the Columbus, GA animal control time period, armadillo movement is fairly predictable. Given weather and food sources, your Columbus GA rat removal scouting should have paid off. However, after the first few days of Columbus squirrel removal, the armadillo start to change their patterns because of the number of nuisance wildlife control operators in the suburban attics. They get chased off their normal path and bumped off their bedding spots. They tend to try to find those secluded areas where they can hide during the day. Off from the Columbus, GA road there is a small knob in the marsh where guys can carefully catch and remove armadillo. We were sitting there one day watching the armadillo that wandered through the tall grass that lined the shore. A nuisance male armadillo and a tiny female armadillo, both of which looked to be only a year and a half old, bounded out of the suburban attics and into the small field to our right, maybe 400 yards from where we were sitting. They stood there for a minute and looked back over their shoulders. Heads high, ears flicking and noses twitching, they were trying to pick up any scent, hear any noises or see any evidence of what was pushing them. With a series of short nervous movements they indicated they had just been flushed out of the swamp. The male armadillo trotted off first, followed by what might have been his twin sister. They went quickly, but not hurriedly, along the far edge of the field and then disappeared into the tiny scrub brush that lined the marsh. They then appeared on the marsh, walking out about 60 yards to a tiny knob no bigger than your living room. There was only one old scraggly bush poking up through the elevated ground and some high wheat-colored grass surrounding it. They simply plopped down and were out of sight. Just as they did so, two nuisance wildlife control operators came out of the suburban attics from where the armadillo had come. They stopped on the edge and looked carefully around as if they had been following the armadillo problem causing features and knew they were close. Slowly they walked across the field as the armadillo had done, which is unlike Columbus Georgia raccoon removal. When they reached the scrub-lined shore they followed it back toward the suburban attics and disappeared. There was no reason for them to think that the two armadillo they were pursuing would not have curled back into the heavy obstacles. I had just learned another valuable lesson: armadillo do not need much of a spot to hide. I stared at this tiny knob trying to see any sign of their being there. I could see none. They simply curled up in the high grass and enjoyed the late morning sun that warmed them. armadillo learn quickly. They find these little oasis and retreat to them during the day. If you put up attic cameras that have time stamps, you quickly realize that big armadillo are almost always nocturnal. They move and feed after dark. By daylight they are almost always curled up in their favorite spot. The trick as the pest control time period winds on is to find these areas. You will be surprised to find that many of these places will produce year after year. You also have to think carefully how to approach these hiding places. How do you get at them without the armadillo simply sneaking out the back? Columbus critter trapping companies have the answer.

Call Affordable Wildlife Eviction at 706-780-5427 with any questions to your wildlife concerns in Columbus GA.